MPA Top 100 Brokers: who are Australia's broking elite?

The highlights of our Top 100 Brokers report, including all one hundred brokers and key findings 

Our annual Top 100 Brokers report has picked out the industry's finest for over a decade. We rank brokers by the volume of residential loans they have written over the financial year, with all figures verified by aggregators. You can also read the full lists here: 

Brokers #100-50:

Brokers #49-1:


  • Reverse Mortgages - the opportunity for brokersWatch nowNow playing Reverse Mortgages - the opportunity for brokers

    MPA aims to help brokers grow their income streams and identify new opportunities as mortgage broking landscape continues to evolve. With an aging population and reverse mortgages nowadays, it becomes a growing area for brokers. Watch the webinar hosted by Heartland Seniors Finance, in partnership with MPA, and discover the benefits of adding reverse mortgages to your client offering in 2019.

  • Reflecting the needs of brokersWatch nowNow playing Reflecting the needs of brokers

    ING recently introduced a review period to assess whether brokers need to be paid for additional funds drawn down