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Commonwealth Bank reduces its discounts on selected products by up to 0.15%

Westpac introduces new offers on its Flexi First Option Home Loan and Flexi First Investment Property Loan for a limited time, effective Tuesday 23 August 2016, replacing the existing Flexi First offers in market.

Flexi First Option Home Loan Offer
3.75%p.a. on 3 year introductory variable rate for principal and interest repayment type (compairson rate 4.08%p.a)

Flexi First Investment Property Loan Offer
3.95% p.a. 3 year introductory variable rate for principal & interest repayment type (comparison rate 4.28%p.a.)

Also, all new and existing home loan variable rate products will decrease by 0.14% p.a. for principal and interest repayments and 0.10% p.a. for interest only repayments, effective Tuesday 23 August 2016. 

Heritage Bank offers new Family Guarantee loan that allows people to help their family members into the property market, particularly useful for parents to use their own home equity as security for new home loans for their children, launched Wednesday, 24 August.

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