All majors and a non-major drop rates

All majors and a non-major drop rates

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Bank of Sydney passes on the full 0.25% cash rate cut, dropping its owner occupier variable rate by 25bps.
Its ‘Broker Special’ variable rate is down to an historic low of 3.54% and for owner occupied borrowers that don’t meet the Broker Special criteria the Expect More Home Loan rate is down to 3.63%.

NAB drops its standard variable rate (SVR) by 10bps to 5.25% and also its standard variable business rate lending products by 10bps, both effective Friday 19 August. 

ANZ decreases its standard variable rate by 12bps, to 5.25% for owner occupiers and 5.52% for investors, effective Friday 12 August.
All business lending variable rate indices will decrease by 10 basis points.

Westpac reduces its standard variable rate by 14 bps, to 5.29% for owner occupiers and 5.56% for investors. Variable cash rate business loans will be reduced by 10bps.

CBA drops its standard variable rate mortgages by 13bps.

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