MPA Top 100: can you beat their numbers?

With nominations closing this Friday, these are the numbers this year’s top performers hope to beat

You may think your numbers aren’t good enough. You may think that this year’s total doesn’t match up to last year’s. Or you may simply have forgotten to fill out the form. But if you haven’t yet nominated yourself for MPA’s prestigious Top 100 Brokers survey, here’s why you should.


That’s the annual total value of loans that you needed to get into last year’s Top 100. A respectable total certainly, but one which many brokers will hope to beat. If you’re near or above this number, nominate yourself now.


To get into the top 30, one broker needed just 51 loans. Louis Kovanis, of Genius Loan Solutions, shows it’s not quantity but quality that counts. So don’t be put off by low volumes this year – go and nominate yourself now.


Admittedly beating this number – representing the lowest annual value of loans in the top 10 – is a bit more of a challenge. But with spiralling property prices in certain regions, quite a number of brokers should be competing for a top 10 profile in MPA’s pages this year.  Feeling confident? Nominate yourself now.


This is the number of Top 100 brokers last year who didn’t come from Queensland, New South Wales or Victoria. This is truly a national survey, and if you’ve got an impressive settlement total, it doesn’t matter where you come from – so nominate yourself now.


2013’s most important number, $163,808,899 was the annual total value of loans of no. 1 broker Colin Lamb, of Mortgage Solutions Australia.  MPA asked Lamb how he got to the top, and he highlighted the importance of business basics. If you think you've mastered the basics, and have the numbers to prove it, put your money where your mouth is and nominate yourself now.

MPA’s Top 100 closes on Friday, and all nominations and aggregator verification must be received by that day. So don’t delay, and fill out our short nomination form now.