Coming back into the office, the right way

Three tips to make the transition from beach to office in the office painless and productive

Professionals in this industry work flat-out - even somewhat boozy industry events are hubs of networking and deal-making. But when we finally get to switch off, the pace of professional life can make coming back from holiday a real challenge. Leadership expert Peter Bregman, writing in the Harvard Business Review, has outlined his three-step plan for getting back into work after vacation.

1. Self-analysis

Ideally before checking answerphone and email, take a minute to recall what you liked about yourself on vacation. Although these traits, such as a sense of humour, being sociable or simply daydreaming, may not seem appropriate for the workplace, they are important aspects of individual creativity. Don’t hide them because you’re back in the office, urges Bregman; write them down on a piece of paper and see how they can be utilised in a work context.

2. Focus

Bregman suggests you use those precious first moments back in the office to list five tasks you want to spend the most time on this year.  Doing this before checking email or voicemail helps you make sure that these are your priorities, not those of other people, as you know how to divide your time most efficiently.

3. Action

Ultimately, Bregman argues your entire first morning back into the office should be blocked off in your calendar and used for strategic planning. Using this morning to reflect on your personal traits (and those of others - actually listen to their holiday stories) and compile your five-point list will set the tone for a year of active self-improvement.

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