“Our country needs us”: Mortgage brokers rally for bushfire appeal

Mortgage brokers are banding together to raise vital funds as Australia continues to face a bushfire crisis.

The Mortgage Broker Bushfire Appeal is aiming to raise $100,000, with all proceeds going directly to the Red Cross.

Supported by groups such as the FBAA and MFAA, the campaign so far has raised more than $15,000.

Jeremy Fisher, managing director at 1st Street Financial, said he had originally created a broker group due to the royal commission with the intention of being a “voice on behalf of brokers”.

“We were so well supported during that time by our fellow mortgage brokers and most importantly our loyal customers who got behind us,” Fisher said.

“Now is our turn as mortgage brokers to band together and do what we can as an industry to give back.

“If not for the everyday Australian who has chosen to engage the services of a mortgage broker over the past 20 years, we would not be here today. So this appeal is coming from the heart and doing what we can to support those in need and showing gratitude to all of Australia in this tough time.”

Several parts of the country have been devastated by bushfires in previous weeks, with things only escalating as it draws further into summer. People around the world including notable celebrities have been donating to the efforts and supporting the hardworking firefighters.

Now, groups such as Yellow Brick Road, Intuitive Finance, Mortgage Success, Shore Financial, Astute, Intelligence Finance, Foster Finance and the Australian Lending and Investment Centre (ALIC) are doing their bit too.

Peter White, managing director of the FBAA, said, “The FBAA see this as an extremely important support to our country and given the extreme devastation to peoples’ lives we have seen over the Christmas and New Year period, we all need to chip in and to do our part to help our fellow countrymen.”

To donate to the Mortgage Broker Bushfire Appeal, you can do so here: