Other Life: Promoting green living

Award-winning broker Misa Huynh moonlights as a news anchor, sharing stories for the good of the planet

Smartmove Mortgage adviser Misa Huynh is passionate about giving back to the community. As a volunteer news anchor on the Noteworthy News program on SMTV, an international web TV station that promotes positive and constructive news stories, she uses her influence to educate viewers on living and eating green and protecting the planet.

Huynh volunteers at the station on weekends or after work and is also a video producer for Tips of the Day.

“The number one cause of global warming is meat production. Being vegan helps not only in the reduction of global warming but also in the suffering of animals, our planet’s other cohabitants,” she says. “I love to share my own valuable experience of becoming a vegan.”

Working for SMTV has required Huynh to become even more focused, patient and attentive to details, which also applies to her role as a broker.

“I have to deliver high-quality work every time, which is similar to what I do as a broker,” she says.

“There is no room for errors. Every client, application or scenario is equally important and requires 100% attention and service.”