Other Life: Emergency responder

Lending Mate director Peter Ellis finds fulfilment outside the office as a volunteer first responder

Have been in the finance industry for over a decade, Lending Mate founder Peter Ellis has established a reputation as a broker at the top of his game.

But more important than commissions and accolades is the “human factor”, Ellis says. That’s why he became a volunteer first responder with the Community Emergency Response Teams.

“I thrive on meeting people, and volunteering allows me to bring back the humanity to finance every day,” Ellis says.

The emergency response teams are located in remote communities across Australia that have low ambulance caseloads. The responders work on call in pairs and are trained to provide emergency first aid and medication to patients in high-priority cases until paramedics arrive.

When stationed on call in Lang Lang, southeast of Melbourne’s CBD, Ellis sets up a work area and waits for his pager to buzz.

This year marks his fifth anniversary as an emergency responder, and he has no plans of stopping.

“I get to do my work and be available to help the community at the same time. I love it.”