How this broker kept growing his business— despite illness

After a 17-year career in broking, Fundsnational managing director and 2017 AMA Broker of the Year – Specialist Lending finalist Giulio Avian’s dedication to the craft was put to the test this year. He had to take a five-month leave from work to undergo radiation and chemotherapy treatment. 

“I have only recently returned to work; however, in spite of this, the performance of my business has increased considerably,” Avian told MPA. “This was a fantastic success. Fundsnational is 15% above its last year's figures.”

Map and database
Avian attributes his business’s continuous success to the mortgage tracker client (MTC) program and business mapping strategy they implement over a 24-month period, as well as to his teammates – particularly his business partner Vanessa Bakatselos.  

According to Avian, a detailed business mapping flow, where every step of the process is articulated and delivered to clients, is critical to delivering great customer experiences.

“Having a disciplined process in place, our transactions are well-managed and delivered with the appropriate service levels and expectations,” Avian said.

The MTC is a database program he and his team developed from scratch in 2009. The program, which works specifically to meet their needs and requirements, monitors how much time is spent on each file and at what stage. This allows Avian to monitor any time blowouts or decreases in productivity, so he can add resources when time-consuming tasks are identified.

Philosophy to live by
Apart from a desire to consistently give back to the community, Avian hopes to grow his business into a turnkey operation in the future. He aims to achieve this by focusing on further developing the firm’s business mapping and MCT database.

However, with those critical components are important, it’s also about the “hope support solution” philosophy.

By combining the technical expertise and the emotional touch points with every transaction, Fundsnational is able to stand out from the crowd, Avian said.


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