Four reasons to consider peer-to-peer learning

With a culture of knowledge sharing and tailored support, Choice Aggregation Services brings a deep understanding of brokers’ businesses and works closely with members to achieve their growth aspirations across both residential and commercial lending.

Choice Partnership Manager for WA, Nicole McKenna, discusses the benefits of Choice’s peer-to-peer learning program

Peer-to-peer learning is a cornerstone of Choice’s professional development offering – and with good reason.

Peer-to-peer learning can not only be an enjoyable networking experience, but research shows it increases engagement and promotes a deeper understanding of new concepts.

At Choice, we believe peer-to-peer learning is essential for continuous professional development and we host over 100 sessions across the country every year. If you are thinking of exploring the benefits of your aggregator’s program, here are four good reasons to give it a try.

Navigate industry change
In a rapidly-moving industry like broking, change is the only constant, and your mortgage aggregator and peers can be invaluable.

Some of the most popular peer-to-peer learning sessions we offer at Choice focus on regulatory change and compliance, providing brokers with the opportunity to ask questions and discover best-practice ways to navigate industry transformation.

For example, a session we recently held in May featured a discussion on how brokers are reviewing client living expenses, with feedback from lenders on processes they are implementing in response to regulatory changes and steps brokers can take to ensure their businesses remain compliant.

Gain new perspectives
Many brokers are sole operators or part of a small team. We find that for many, tapping into the collective knowledge of a peer group can provide a great way to share ideas and processes and learn from others.

I would encourage all brokers ‘new’ and ‘old’ to attend these sessions as the information being presented is always of value. Choice brokers have gained new insights from peers on everything from the best timeslots to choose when advertising on local radio, to perspectives from a lender on how to approach non-conforming loans, proving you never know what you might learn.

Find a mentor
For new-to-industry brokers, peer-to-peer learning provides the opportunity to gain invaluable insights from those with many years of experience.

The morning tea sessions we offer in WA bring together 15-20 brokers to discuss focused topics and we also arrange more informal coffee catch-ups for new-to-industry brokers to meet with peers and potential mentors.

Make new connections
Lastly, peer networking groups provide a vehicle for making new connections. When you stay in touch, relationships naturally grow, leading to professional friendships and opportunities to collaborate with like-minded colleagues who have similar business goals.

Nicole McKenna is Partnership Manager for WA with Choice Aggregation Services.

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