Forza Azzuri!

NSW broker Steve Kadry merges his finance skills with rugby as treasurer of the Federation Italian Rugby League Australia

Outside of being director of Delton Financial Group, Steve Kadry dedicates time to his passion for rugby league. For the past three years he’s been the treasurer of FIRLA, the Australian academy of the Federation Italian Rugby League in Italy.

FIRLA gives junior and senior Italian-Australian players opportunities to forward their rugby aspirations but is also involved in helping develop rugby league players in Italy. Some of its coaches go over to Italy to help local coaching programs and expand rugby league.

“I like connecting the two worlds,” Kadry says. “I love connecting the actual Italians from Italy and fast-tracking their development with the Italian-heritage/Italian-Australian rugby league players,” he says. “We’re just continually working hard at beefing up the competition in Italy and improving the game over there.”

Kadry himself played for Italy when he was 16. “I love when we see one of our junior players eventually kick on and play NRL or get a professional contract,” he says.


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