Ask a broker: It pays to make your website standout

BlueRock, a broking, legal and accounting professional services firm based in Melbourne, likes to do things differently – and one only needs to look at its website to see how true that is. The website’s vibrant, playful appeal is striking and unusual, and it provides a window into the company’s award-winning corporate culture.

“It’s important to us that our website reflects our creative culture,” BlueRock broker and director of finance Jamie King told MPA. BlueRock’s goal is to help business owners grow their companies — but they “like to have fun along the way”, which is evident in the website’s neon colours, cheeky slogans and collage-style art.

BlueRock wanted its clients to get a clear understanding straightaway of the firm’s competitive advantage. “It visually reveals that we like to do things differently and to think outside the square,” King said. “Plus, it acts as a strong platform to showcase the organisation’s holistic service offerings. Our community works together to get the best results for clients.”

Launching a website
Since a prospective client’s first impression is often formed by looking at a broker’s website, King believes it should be true to the broker’s brand and communicate their key message.

To stand out from the millions of finance brokers out there doing the same things with their websites and digital marketing, King encourages brokers to think about what they do best, and then create engaging content to convey that.

King’s four steps for creating a knockout website:
  1. Get clarity on your brand, and why you do what you do
  2. Make sure key messaging communicates competitive advantages clearly
  3. Get creative with the look and feel of the website to support the brand
  4. Provide exceptional customer service that reflects the reputation the website has created for the business
Keep it fresh
BlueRock constantly updates its website with weekly articles that share ideas, and celebrate stories of business and life.

More than being just fun to navigate, BlueRock’s website serves its purpose by clearly guiding people through the pages so they can quickly find what they need. “Quite often, our clients use more than one of our services, so the website showcases the many ways we can help their business,” King said.


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