AMP focuses on broker channel in a bid to reduce complexity

AMP Bank says it is making some focused enhancements to assist the critically important broker channel as it turns 20 years old.

“What we’re focused on is helping brokers to support their customers. These enhancements are geared towards making the loan process simpler and more efficient, which after all is the best outcome for customers,” AMP Bank director of distribution Adrienne Smith told MPA.

The bank’s investments so far include:

  • The creation of new endto-end loan processing teams to increase speed and reduce errors in loan processing.

- Increased servicing from credit analysts, with brokers and advisers hearing from credit analysts more often through calls, emails and system alerts to keep them informed throughout the home loan process.

- Special workshops throughout the year to give brokers and advisers tools and information they need to support customers.

  • A boost to broker and adviser support teams, including additional BDMs.

The workshops, held across the country, cover a wide range of topics, including regulations, industry trends, and updates on AMP Bank policies and processes. “All topics are designed to give brokers and advisers the information they need to deliver great outcomes for their customers,” Smith said. 

Smith and her team have been listening to their intermediaries’ feedback and acknowledge that more work needs to be done. These measures are a step towards improving the experience for brokers, advisers, and customers, she said.

“What we’ve been hearing from brokers and advisers is that they’re navigating through ever-greater complexities across the market,” Smith said. “These changes are all about reducing this complexity and helping them to do what they do best.”  


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