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    The impact of COVID-19 is clearly seen in the results of this year’s survey. But despite some of the more harsh criticism of the banks by brokers, the top two have maintained their ranking from last year, achieving even higher scores

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    Government incentives on top of record-low interest rates have led to a skyrocketing of new home construction over the last year. Two non-bank lenders explain to MPA what brokers need to know about this booming sector

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    Using data can show lenders, aggregators and brokers where to tweak their processes and how to improve their results. NextGen.Net's Tony Carn explains how the tech company's benchmarking service is making a difference in lending

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    After another incredible year of top rankings in MPA's Brokers on Banks survey, Bankwest's general manager, third party, explains how the bank has worked through the uncertainties and challenges of the past 12 months