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Ask the aggregators chiefs your questions at the industry’s first ever livestreamed aggregator roundtable on the 3rd August

How often do you get to sit down with the national heads of Australia’s leading aggregators and ask them questions - all from the comfort of your desks?

We’re betting not so often. You’ve seen them speak at conferences, and heard from them on webinars, but we wanted to go further: not only is our roundtable broadcasted live, you can text in your questions and get a response from the aggregators there and then.

All during your lunchbreak: the roundtable takes place at 12.30pm AEST on Wednesday 3rd August.

Present will be the heads of FAST; Vow, Choice Aggregation, My Local Broker and Outsource Financial. Our twenty-minute Q&A at the end of the roundtable will be preceded by a series of moderator questions covering:

1.    ASIC’s remuneration review
2.    Investor and foreign resident lending
3.    Diversification
4.    Branded vs. traditional aggregators
5.    Business growth support
6.    The results of our Brokers on Aggregators survey

It’s free to view and get involved in the roundtable, simply enter your details into our online form

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