Young Gun Stories: Sharon Bal, Loan Market Cannington

This 2016 Young Gun wasted no time in going straight to our Top 100 list by the year’s end.

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Here we look at Sharon Bal of Loan Market Cannington, who sky-rocketed from a Young Gun to a Top 100 Broker (86th) in a single year.

Already when she was one of our Young Guns, it seemed Bal had a clear philosophy that you should “treat clients the way you want to be treated”.

Loan Market WA State director, Ken Maclennan commented on her “outstanding customer feedback”.

Bal told MPA that she believed her success was due to a love for learning and a strong belief that “if you stop improving you’ll stop succeeding”. 

That Bal also created a successful work/life balance early on, juggling work with a baby girl, no doubt was an important part of succeeding. She said she owes it to her husband that she is able to be both a broker and a mother. “If he hadn’t supported me in the early months … I would have left by now.”   

On advice for new brokers, she said be open to learning from all people, inside or outside the industry and “welcome new ideas”.

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