What do you want to achieve with your business in 2017?

MPA asks three brokers what they want to get out of 2017.

Sharon Bal
Loan Market Cannington

Our plan this year is to get more support staff on board, providing quicker turn - around times to initiate a smoother process and to build capacity to grow. Our aim is to concentrate more on the full process, break it down and delete inefficiencies; this will drive our business to growth in future.

We have already started the recruitment process and have hired highly industry experienced and awarded personal assistant Dee Matrenza.

Another avenue we will concentrate on is our existing database, which has a lot of potential, and our aim this year is to have minimum clawbacks and service existing clients in a way that they feel connected with us after settlement.

We will be having a dedicated person allocated to liaise with an existing data base and referral partners. We will also be mentoring new-toindustry brokers and will help them grow as well.

We aim to have the highest NPS score (currently 94) in Australia.

Michael Deegan
DO Financial

I commenced business two years ago straight out of the bank, with ad hoc planning and being very reactive to the demands of a growing business and client requirements. This year, I’m looking forward to achieving a much more proactive approach to business growth by having a stronger focus on strategic planning and implementing the 90-day-plan model.

With some signifi cant branding and technology changes completed late last year, 2017 will see the launch of our marketing and nurture campaigns, which will further enhance the experience for our clients and referral partners.

We are striving to achieve an increased online presence this year and seek to become known for delivering informative and relevant market insights, writing articles in e-magazines and distributing videos and podcasts.

From a finance perspective, our goal this calendar year is to grow settlement numbers by 25% on last year whilst maintaining our customer focus and service delivery.

Bianca Long
Mortgage Choice Glenwood & Kellyville

Eighteen months ago I opened up a second franchise [in Kellyville], and so the last 12 months has been getting that second franchise off the ground. We managed to do that with fl ying colours, and it’s running at a million miles an hour, which is really good. And now we’re at that point where I’m trying to manage two franchises, we’re going to spend the next 12 months ramping it up, putting more back-end organisation on to try and simplify it.

That means process, process, process and new software. Currently there are two brokers so we’re looking to take it to four brokers by the end of the year. We’re moving to a system where instead of three staff members touching one file, we’ll have one person responsible for the whole client process from submission right through to settlement.

By doing that we’d be looking at doubling our numbers from what we’re doing at the moment. It might be ambitious, but it’s absolutely achievable, because I know what we’ve already done.

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