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Director of Hunter Galloway, Nathan Vecchio, started broking in 2015 and using the techniques from Joshua's Top Broker Handbook, is writing big numbers, leading to Vow Financial naming him Broker Partner of the Year Rising Star in 2016.

As brokers, and possibly business owners, you should know in order to earn more, you need to learn more.

The reality is (with most people) you are probably maxed out at your current level of skill and knowledge that you, unfortunately, won’t get better results by just working harder. To get better results and earn more in the future, you ultimately need to be learning and constantly applying new ideas and techniques to what you do.

I personally think continuous learning is like training for the Olympics – if you were training to be the best in the world and to compete at the Olympics you would have a program, and every day work towards getting yourself in shape for it.

Continuous learning is exactly the same – it is the mental fitness program for Top Brokers, where you prepare and get yourself into shape for intense competition – to be one of our industry's best brokers, write more loans and become a customer magnet.

There are three ways you can learn; these are either reading, listening or learning from the experts.

Today we’re going to cover listening, because with the kilometres most brokers stack up, you could easily spend a few hours in the car between appointments actually utilising this time. Acording to the University of Southern California, you can get the equivalent of full-time university attendance by listening to educational audio programs as you drive from place to place.

As Zig Zigler says, “You need to turn your car into a learning machine, a university on wheels”.

Below are some of my favourite Podcasts and talks, making up the Top 11 Podcasts for Mortgage Brokers.

How I built this
Easily my favourite podcast, each week Guy Raz interviews a different company founder or entrepreneur. He goes through their story – their triumphs, failures and insights told by the founders of some of the world’s greatest and best-known companies. Two of my favourite episodes include Haim Saban, creator of the Power Rangers and writer of the theme music to Inspector Gadget (you know the song, da da dum do inspector gadget) and the story of Tony Hsieh, founder of Zappos.

Small Business Big Marketing
An Australian based marketing Podcast, each week Tim (Timbo) Reid interviews an Australian small business owner and talks through their clever, smart and sometimes downright interesting ideas on how they market their business. I’ve found lots of small but valuable take away points from his show and its a really easy listen especially when driving back late from client appointments!

Duct Tape Marketing
Actually, a fairly similar flavour to the Small Business Big Marketing Podcast, expect to focus on the US John Jantsch interviews business leaders on their marketing techniques and ideas. While I don’t find this one as practical as Small Business Big Marketing I am a big fan of John Jantsch’s work and his Duct
Tape Marketing blog in general.

Social Media Marketing Happy Hour
The Social Media Marketing Happy Hour Podcast hosted by Dawn Marrs Ortiz and Traci Reuter focuses on the network marketer and small business owner – so works well for brokers. I do like that they tend to focus more on the Social Media aspects, and some email list building strategies.

The Top Broker Podcast
Launched last year, The Top Broker Podcast hosted by Joshua Vecchio has interviewed some of Australia’s Top Brokers including Mark Polatkesen, Ross Le Quesne and Deanna Ezzy. Although we have only got five episodes so far, we are in the process of recording a few more so make sure you subscribe to keep up with the newest interviews being released in the next few weeks.

Ask Gary Vee
If you have looked for Internet Marketing Influencers, you surely have come across Gary Vee. He’s a blogger, keynote speaker and marketer. Sometimes he can be a bit intense, and slightly repetitive but at its core, his content is very good and valuable for any Top Broker out there looking for a bit of a pump up before that next client appointment. I really like Ep 242 with Tony Robbins, definitely worth checking out.

The Investors Podcast (We Study Billionaires)
The Investors Podcast is basically 50% book overviews/reviews and 50% education on value investing (Warren Buffets forte). While sometimes this podcast gets really deep into value investing, price to earnings and a few topics that aren’t relevant to our day jobs they also spend entire episodes providing overviews, and reviews of books they have recently read – like Tony Hsieh’s book Delivering Happiness! So you can save time reading the book, and check out Ep 95 (TIP 095: Billionaire Tony Hsieh’s Book – Delivering Happiness at Zappos).

Freakanomics Radio
Again, not entirely work related but I do find it incredibly interesting. Steven Dubner co-author of the Freakanomics book series hosts the podcast where each week he looks at ‘the hidden side of everything’ from surprising conversations that explore the riddles of everyday life and the weird wrinkles of human nature from cheating and crime to parenting and sports. The episodes on the Nudge Unit and how the government is using behavioural economics is just damn interesting.

The Rentvesting Podcast
Property and finance focused, and heavily niched towards Millennials, The Rentvesting Podcast hosted by Joshua Vecchio is targeted to Property Investors looking at getting into the market. I think it’s a good example of how a Mortgage Broker can use a Podcast as a platform to attract new customers and clientele. Definitely worth checking out for a bit of a sticky beak, and if anything else it might help give you a few ideas to blog about for your clients!

TED Talks (audio)
TED is a not for profit looking to spread ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks. You would have seen them around on YouTube, or directly on the site. The TED Talks Radio Hour is effectively these speeches, adapted for Podcasts. While not always business related these are an easy listen and can help you wind down on the way home at night.

The Tim Ferriss Show
How could I go without doing a Top list for Mortgage Brokers without mentioning Tim Ferriss – The guy that wrote The 4 Hour Workweek, 4 Hour Body and The 4 Hour Chef. In this show, he deconstructs some of the world’s best performers, celebrities and entrepreneurs and digs deep to find the tools and tactics they have used to get to where they are. Two of my favourite episodes are when Tim interviewed Seth Godin (a marketing genius, if you haven’t read his book Purple Cow stop what you’re doing and buy it right now) and easily my favourite of all time was his interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger who interestingly started building his wealth through Property in California!

PS: I’m going to be taking over here at Top Broker for a little bit while Joshua focuses on a few big and exciting projects we are looking forward to bring you in the next few weeks. A quick background, I started broking in 2015 and using the techniques Joshua has given in the Top Broker Handbook I have grown my business in a very short time to writing some big numbers, and was fortunate enough to be awarded Broker Partner of the Year Rising Star in 2016.

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