Top 100 Brokers – have you been verified?

This is the last week of the Top 100, so it’s vital you get your application verified by your aggregator

This Friday, our Top 100 Brokers Report, sponsored by Suncorp Bank, will close for applications. If you haven’t yet applied, do so now – it takes two minutes. If you have applied, read on: it could mean the difference between getting the professional recognition you deserve and a missed opportunity.  

All Top 100 entries need to be verified by their aggregator(s). No verification means no application, no matter how many times you’ve previously been in the Top 100. 

Our new system aims to make verification easier, by automatically emailing your aggregator when you apply, asking them to verify your numbers, simply by clicking a link. Once they’ve verified your numbers, you will receive this email:

If you’ve applied but not received this email, stop reading and call your aggregator now

It may be that the verification email has gone into their junk folder, or their email address is different to what you entered. The email subject line will be in the form ‘MPA Top 100 Brokers – requesting verification for [broker name] [brokerage name]’. If your aggregator simply can’t find the email, please email to get the email resent.

It’s possible your aggregator rejected your numbers because they didn’t match the numbers they had in their system. If you have received an email from us saying your aggregator has rejected your numbers then please call your aggregator, agree on a set of numbers and re-fill our online form. 

If you’ve got the numbers, don’t let an email mix-up stop you being part of 2016’s Top 100 Brokers. Good luck!

MPA's Top 100 Brokers report is open to applications, closing on Friday 23rd September. Apply online here: 


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