Top 10 productivity killers

Struggling to increase your productivity at work? You’re not alone. In fact, 65% of Australian white collar professionals believe they could be more productive during working hours, new research indicates.

The national survey, carried out by the Clarius Group, also found employers are missing out on average three months of productivity a year from their staff.

“Australia needs to produce significantly greater output if we’re to compete on an increasingly global workforce level,” says Kym Quick, CEO of Clarius Group.

“We spend more hours at work than most of our international colleagues yet we rank second last on the global productivity scale, so there’s clearly some major issues we need to address.”

The findings show the main reason Australians lack productivity is their inability to use technology as it can be overwhelming for staff, particularly if they are not trained properly, says Quick.

With all the technological advances taking place in mortgage broking, from CRM to new mobile apps, this is an issue that mortgage brokers may be familiar with.

“Since the GFC we’ve seen training budgets slashed but training is slowly coming back on the radar as business appreciates that this lack of investment has had a material impact on the bottom line,” says Quick.

Other productivity killers that may be affecting your team include bullying from colleagues or managers, and staff killing time organising their social lives – which ranked as the second and third biggest productivity hurdles respectively.
Social media was the fourth biggest cause, with 60% of users saying they are diverted up to 10 times a day and 30% admitting they use work technology to check it.

Of those that access social media at work, 78% log in to Facebook, 9.7% to Twitter and 6.8% to LinkedIn.

Why Australians are unproductive:
  1. Don’t know how to use the technology
  2. Bullying
  3. Organising social calendar
  4. Social media
  5. Don’t like their job
  6. Poor manager
  7. Too qualified for the job
  8. Too much work
  9. Don’t know what they are supposed to be doing
  10. Boring job

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What are the biggest productivity killers in your brokerage? Could you be more productive? Have your say below.
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  • Peter Heinrich2/12/2013 3:02:08 PM

    The comments above ring an immediate accord with me and any other trainers in the industry. The first thing almost anyone says who approaches us when thinking of getting into the industry or those already in the industry looking to expand is 'how can we cut the time spent on training' or 'is all this training necessary". In all my time in the industry I have rarely had someone saying 'how can we train these people better' (other than a few notable exceptuions). The popular misconception is that if training is cut back and the new people start work quicker then they will be more productive quicker. Nothing could be further from the truth. The really productive progressive companies invest heavily in training and their people are much more productive (sooner) than those that wish to rush or cut training. False economy never works particularly with the training of people.


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