PODCAST: How to build a word of mouth business

With a background in hospitality, sales and customer service, when Holly Bundy made the transition across to lending and then into her own broking business, she leveraged her existing skills and left no stone unturned in terms of building her network, her reputation and her results.

Fortuitously, Holly was predisposed to the finance industry via her mother’s 45-year tenure with the Commonwealth Bank, and so had an understanding of what it took to achieve long-term success, though it’s plain to see that the outstanding results she is achieving in her business reflect her personal values and commitment to doing the right thing by her clients. 

And a lot of hard work.

It’s almost too simplistic, but in a world where things can easily be over-complicated or people suffer from shiny-ball-syndrome, Holly is embracing the tried and tested method of:

  • Keeping her clients in the loop
  • Adjusting her communicate style to the needs of the individual
  • Following through on what she said she would
  • Having an effective post-settlement process
  • Building collaborative relationships with likeminded professionals

By her own admission, her key referral partner is an accounting practice that’s been a long-time family friend, but make no mistake, the friendship might have put Holly’s foot in the door, though it’s her ability to consistently deliver the right service, result and experience for the clients that keep this accounting practice and other referrers sending business her way.

Holly’s also a great example that age hasn’t been a barrier, and while she is a reasonably young broker, she is clearly held in high regard by those in her network because of her professionalism, her knowledge, her personal approach and her desire to help her clients be better off.

You can connect with Holly at Bundy Financial.

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