PODCAST: Having the tech setup for success with Andrew Duerden

Andrew Duerden is the founder of LWT Services, which, for the past 17 years, has been providing the commission payment processing software for most of the major aggregation groups.  

Over the past seven years, they have introduced a complementary service offering by providing a suite of outsourced professional services that are used by finance professionals to provide them with scale, professional support and ability to effectively manage their back-office functions while building their business.

Andrew is a strategic thinker, an effective business development specialist, and as the leader of his business, he has helped many business owners and senior managers to understand the drivers, needs, and pitfalls to avoid in establishing outsource partnerships and offshore operations.

In today’s conversation, you’ll hear Andrew talk candidly about how his business has evolved, and continues to remain highly relevant as a key supplier to aggregation groups and broker’s alike.

One of the key observation’s Andrew makes of brokers is that for broker’s to create opportunities for growth and scale in their business, they must master the art of effective delegation. That way, they can maximise their most precious and finite resource, their time.

With the systems and structures, broker’s can certainly be setup for success, and LWT play an important role in the market in that they partner with their broker’s to ensure they provide a service style and level of support specific for the individual needs of that broker.
About the host:
James McCracken specializes in lead generation and marketing solutions for mortgage brokers. Visit The Successful Adviser website to download your free guide on how to generate more enquiry without paying commissions.

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