Our Top 10 Commercial Brokers revealed!

This year’s Top 10 Commercial Brokers give us a vision of that dystopian future.

Property development specialists in the Top 10 have had to deal with major banks simply refusing to lend, in many cases, or demanding essentially risk-free developments. Business lending specialists have had to contend with a sluggish Australian economy, banks reluctant to lend, and businesses reluctant to invest. APRA is turning its gaze towards commercial property, which chairman Wayne Byres flagged as a danger area in a speech in late August.

Despite all this, broking has reasons for optimism, because this year’s Top 10 are doing extraordinarily well. The total amount of lending, number of loans, and average volume have gone up, in some cases substantially. Rather than retreating to their core client base, many of these brokers are gearing up, diversifying and taking on staff – some in expectations of better times ahead, but most because they believe it’s the best way to weather the storm.

Click here to find out who made our Top 10 Commercial Brokers list for 2016, proudly sponsored by Westpac. 

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