MPA's first live streamed non major banks roundtable recap

Yesterday MPA hosted its first live-streamed Non-major Banks Roundtable, featuring the heads of Australia’s top non-majors – Adelaide Bank, AMP, Citibank, ING DIRECT, ME Bank and Suncorp.
Hundreds of brokers tuned in to view the roundtable, which was streamed live on the MPA website. The insightful and at times lively discussion covered a range of topical issues from the impact of APRA’s changes to capital requirements and possible changes to upfront and trail commissions in light of ASIC’s current investigation through to how the non-majors are targeting niche groups in the market including property investors.  
Viewers also submitted questions to the panel following the discussion, providing the industry with a unique opportunity for real-time engagement.
You can view the footage from the roundtable here.
MPA would like to thank all the roundtable panellists and all the viewers who tuned in yesterday for taking the time to participate.
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  • Sam Richardson, MPA editor16/03/2016 3:55:26 PM

    Hi Adam,

    Thanks very much for the feedback. I'd like to respond to a few of your points

    The first five questions were provided to lenders in advance, the reason being so they could prepare more informative and interesting answers. This is how we've done the last few roundtables.

    However the final few questions were 'on-the-spot'; the first was mine, and the others were texted in by viewers as we spoke. The lenders had no time to prepare for these as none of us knew what viewers would text in about.

    I think both types of questions have their merits; we'll look at how we can balance the time allocated for both in future roundtables.

  • Adam West16/03/2016 3:34:38 PM

    I really enjoyed the idea of having a live webcast of the roundtable, but seeing the lenders refer to notes when they were asked questions hinted that they had all been prepared as to what these questions were going to be.

    I appreciate bank staff have to be careful what they say, to ensure that they aren't speaking out of line with their corporate message. But this really did take away from the shine that these roundtables usually have.

    After all as a media outlet I expect lenders to be quizzed on the spot by journalists and can respond accordingly


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