Making 2018 the year you seize the digital opportunity

An online strategy can help brokers attract and retain clients – but what’s the first step? 

Last year, a broker survey found that one in five brokers didn’t have a website. Some 40% only use social media less than once a month. The survey suggested that most brokers are not adapting to challenges and opportunities posed by the digital channel. 

WebBuzz Director Strategy & Content Marketing Darren Moffatt told MPA, “Getting a decent digital presence is now becoming urgent for brokers. Brokers need to understand even your oldest, most loyal customers are probably browsing online at other lenders and brokers. If you don’t have an online strategy to combat this then you have a ‘retention risk’ you’re not acknowledging.”

He added that the awareness is there but actually getting brokers to take action is harder. 

MPA is making it easy for readers to make this the year they go digital. At the Broker Business Exchange this June, Moffatt will guide you through all aspects of digital marketing in the “Digital Marketing Masterclass”. 

Find out:

  • How to write and implement a digital marketing plan
  • How to use social media marketing to drive referrals and leads
  • How to improve your customer experience online 

The Conference itself offers tips and guides on how to develop sales strategies, manage your time better, how to structure your business for growth – everything you need to know to make you a better broker. 

Brokers can also earn FBAA and MFAA CPD points by attending the Broker Business Exchange. Check out the full agenda and available points here. 

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