Is recruiting strong staff or developing your team slowing you down?

Connective recently launched a new online profiling tool which has been purpose-built to help member brokers recruit new employees and develop existing ones.

After conducting extensive research in 2017 to understand the common attributes of successful brokers, Connective engaged a specialist profiling organisation to develop ProfileMe specifically for the Australian mortgage broking industry.

The behavioural assessment tool evaluates “three key attributes that have been identified as critical success factors for mortgage brokers — sales, technical, and personal”.

“We initially developed ProfileMe so we could gain additional insights and make more informed and confident decisions when screening member applications,” Connective sales and marketing general manager Gingkai Tan said in a statement. “ProfileMe also helps us to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of the brokers we partner with, so we can provide them with targeted support to accelerate their success.”

Tan also said they recently completed a pilot program that garnered overwhelming positive feedback, with most of its members fully integrating ProfileMe into their recruitment and staff development programs.

Finding your ‘spirit animal’
Connective member and Provident Solutions head of lending Trent Carter said he would often get frustrated and couldn’t understand why peers didn’t approach sales the way he did.

After getting introduced to ProfileMe last June, Carter found the tool valuable in helping him understand his growing team — to find out what drives them, and what they’re naturally resistant to.

“It has allowed me to have frank and honest discussions about their own strengths and weaknesses, and to individualise their prospecting and sales plan,” Carter said.   

ProfileMe has also been an eye-opener for him. The tool made him realise that he naturally enjoys networking and uncovering opportunities, and would rather avoid paperwork. Conversely, his lending assistant is very process-driven and detail-oriented; someone who enjoys research and the processing aspect of her job.

“So, it’s abundantly clear why in the past when I have offered her the chance to step into a broker role, she would refuse the offer. We now have a plan on how to grow her role in the business by leveraging her natural strengths,” Carter said.

He encouraged everyone in his team to share their ProfileMe report and the animal that represents their personality as projected by the tool.

The team now displays their “spirit animal” on their desk as a reminder of their individual strengths and weaknesses, and to build a good working relationship faster.

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