How to lead your brokerage to success in 2014

John Hilton
A motivated and inspired team of brokers will not eventuate unless their leader actually leads, Mark Woolnough, head of broker distribution at ING Direct, tells MPA TV.

So how can leaders prove they are worthy of their position and have their brokers follow their example?

Woolnough recommends the following advice for aspiring leaders:

Engage your people and your customers

“There is nothing more motivating than seeing your leader roll their sleeves up and actively engage in the business model,” says Woolnough.

“And that’s everything: actively engage in people, understand their role, understand their challenges, and where we can invest in resources to be even more productive.”

Woolnough says it’s very powerful when brokers see their leaders make time to speak to customers and understand their point of view.

“I think it’s an important element to show your people that you’re part of the business,” says Woolnough.

“And then that vision and strategy that you set and believe in, go out there and actively pursue it because then along the way they get to know you and see you as a person.”

The brokers will see the leader’s relentless passion and focus, the good times, the bad times, and these are important ingredients in terms of modelling the culture and engagement of the organisation, adds Woolonough.

Why leadership is like parenting

Leadership is actually a lot like parenting, says Woolnough, because your partner and children see all the various sides of you.

“They get to see the positive, the good, the frustration and sometimes the challenged,” he says.

Woolnough believes there is nothing wrong with showing that element of frustration when things are not going to plan, because that shows the team that you truly care about the cause that is trying to be achieved.

“There is nothing worse than a leader that will just go through the motions, that won’t show any form of emotion or communication or attachment to their team because all that will do is just conjure up a community where there’s no learning environment and your staff will just come to work and go through the motions,” he says.  

“Let them see all of you, I think that’s really important.”

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