Have the banks delivered on their promises?

Have a read on what the major banks said they would deliver on and take two short minutes to tell us if they followed through in our annual Brokers on Banks survey.

Our survey has been going for the last 13 years and covers all the banks in the industry. 

In last year's Banks on Brokers report, general manager of distribution, Tony Macrae said they were transforming their BDMS interaction with brokers, including investing in their education to help BDMs build their business.

Commonwealth Bank: 
General manager of broker sales, Sam Boer said they would continue their 'Simple and Easy' 24-hour turnaround for simple transactions; put extra investment into BDMs and credit support, improve their telephone platform and pilot electronic contract exchange. 

ANZ Bank
Head of third party Keiran Evans said they would invest in having more BDMs complete the Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management and focus on technological advancements to streamline their processes. 

General manager Steve Kane said they would reorganise their structure in NAB Broker into account-management style, so brokers will know as soon as a deal is lodged and know the whole way through to settlement who is accountable.  

The annual MPA Brokers on Banks survey is NOW OPEN for submissions and upon completing the survey you’ll go in the running to win an Apple Watch (RRP $499). 

The Brokers on Banks report will be published in issue 16.04 of MPA magazine, on desks in April. All submissions are strictly confidential.

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