Could you make the Top 100?

Five reasons why you should stop underestimating yourself and go for gold 

Our Top 100 Brokers report, sponsored by Suncorp Bank, is now open to applications. Here’s why you should give it a go, even if you never have before.

1.    The Top 100 is about one number
The way we rank brokers couldn’t be any simpler: it’s the total value of residential loans you settled between 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016. No nominations, no complicated algorithms and no special favours required. Look at your total now, and apply

2.    The Top 100 is free to enter
There’s no cost for entering the Top 100, and no cost if you make the Top 100 (even if you’re no.1). If you make the Top 100 you’ll receive a certificate; those in the top 10 will be featured in the magazine, and the no.1 broker will be presented the trophy with the occasion photographed and in the magazine. We can do this and keep it free thanks to our sponsor, Suncorp Bank. 

3.    The Top 100 is just for residential lending
Unlike other surveys, this survey is just about home and investment loans. So don’t worry if you don’t write many commercial loans, asset finance, insurance etc - we’re looking for mortgage brokers. However, if you do write commercial loans, consider our Top 10 Commercial Brokers survey in late 2017.

4.    The Top 100 is about individuals 
Not part of a giant franchise? Don’t have any other brokers to work with? That’s no problem – we’re only interested in what’s written under your ACL or Credit Rep number. You’ll find lone operators near the top of the rankings (i.e. Louis Kovanis, #10, 2015) and it’s not holding them back – and nor should it hold you back. 

5.    The Top 100 gets you in front of consumers
It’s true that MPA magazine is mainly read by the industry. However, if you make the Top 100, your profile will also appear on leading consumer comparison site That means thousands of consumers looking for a loan will see you, and anyone who searches your name online will see your success.

Convinced yet? Take 2 minutes and apply now using this link. Don’t leave it late – applications close on September 23rd.