Choice Aggregation's diary: Foundations of broker success

In a fortnightly diary series, Choice’s broker support team take you through the everyday ways they help brokers build successful businesses. This week, Choice Practice Development Manager for WA/SA Ella Moradi shares her tips for tackling marketing.

If there’s one thing that’s critical to a good business plan, it’s marketing.

Unfortunately, uncertainty of exactly how to market, combined with a lack of time and resources, means that marketing is something that can fall to the bottom of a broker’s list.

The fact is, however, that marketing is an essential part of business, no matter what industry you operate in. And there is no doubt our industry is a competitive one – you need to be present. You need to be noticeable.

Here are a few of my top tips for successful marketing:

Be confident and informed
Successful marketing comes from knowing what you want to achieve and having a plan to get there. Take time to know your value proposition and where you want your business to go. Ensuring your marketing plan aligns with your business strategy is essential.

Know your clients
Understanding you client profile is fundamental if you want your marketing efforts to cut through and resonate. For example, do your clients prefer to receive communications via email or SMS? Or is traditional mail their preferred option? It may be worth asking this simple question as part of a client feedback survey.

Leverage technology
Using your database to collect and segment client data can also be a powerful way to boost your marketing efforts. Software such as Podium can offer a raft of ways to make the most of your database, enabling you to quickly and easily sort your database and automate communications.

Don’t discount the power of social media
Social networks are a powerful way of getting clients’ and prospects’ attention. A lot of brokers tell me they don’t like social media – but chances are, most of your clients and potential new clients are using it. Don’t risk falling off their radar, while others are moving in.

Don’t think you need to do it alone
Marketing is something I spend a lot of time helping Choice brokers with. If you’re looking for help, be sure to ask your aggregator for support.

Ella Moradi is a Practice Development Manager with Choice. This is part of a long running series of Choice Aggregation's Partnership Managers and will focus on how they help their brokers overcome common challenges. Find out more 

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