Broker of the Year: How to boost volumes by 500%

As market conditions and industry requirements develop at quick-fire pace, the desire to forge ahead and adapt has seen a year of growth for 2013's AMA Australian Broker of the Year Colin Lamb.

Loan volumes at Mortgage Solutions Australia have grown five-fold under Lamb’s guidance as director, something he puts down to a commitment to growing his team and honing their skills.

“It’s been a really busy but really fulfilling year. I think there is no doubt that our business has benefitted from a more structured approach to learning over the past year.  The team has grown in confidence and expertise - we've made measurable progress.”

The past two years has been a time of considerable change in the mortgage industry, says Lamb, and the key to the company’s continued success has been successfully adapting to these changes.

By implementing policy and procedures that give staff a clear understanding of their requirements and responsibilities, coupled with strong communication, Mortgage Solutions Australia has continued to receive a “disproportionate” amount of referrals, even in a slow market.

“This year we implemented business planning sessions with our team.  This included looking at conversions, building stronger rapport with referral partners and the setting of targets and marketing initiatives.  Regular training sessions were run on how to attract new referral sources, maintain current relationships and, of course, lender training to keep up to date with any policy changes.”

Cultivating a supportive and close-knit environment has helped staff members to grow and progress in their careers, says Lamb.

“We have a creative and professional work environment where we can bounce ideas around and where there is always someone ready to roll their sleeves up and go the extra mile. I'm very lucky to be surrounded by this calibre of people.”

A commitment to creating this kind of work environment also means treating each new hiring decision with care and consideration, says Lamb.

“In a lot of ways we are not the typical brooking office so when we are hiring, we look for someone who is going to fit with the team and the company’s ethics; someone who isn’t afraid of innovative out-of-the-box initiatives to get results.  We also look for people who want to learn, develop and forge a career in this industry."

Business owners who rush into employing new staff “because there is a desk to fill and the business is growing” risk ruining team dynamics, he says.

“The wellbeing of the team relies on finding the right fit in a new member - in ensuring they have the right ethics both in their work and moral approach which aligns within the company’s objectives.”

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