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Four reasons why ALIC and Mortgage Choice Glenelg are doing better than your brokerage

Every year, MPA runs the Top 10 Independent and Top 10 Franchise Brokerage reports, both sponsored by Suncorp. Applications for both are open now – and take just five minutes to fill out online – and if you make either Top 10 you’ll be featured in MPA magazine and on our website. Here we look back at 2015’s winners; the brokerages to beat:

1. The brokerages
No. 1 Independent Brokerage and Australian Mortgage Awards Brokerage of the Year The Australian Lending and Investment Centre (ALIC) was established in 2009, is based in Melbourne, and home to leading Top 100 Brokers Kevin Agent and Mark Davis, and managed by Jason Back.

No.1 Franchise brokerage Mortgage Choice Glenelg was established in 1998, is based in Adelaide, and is run by Wendy Higgins and her husband Dean Higgins, until Dean passed away in a mountaineering accident in 2013. An industry legend, Wendy Higgins has topped the Top 100 Brokers charts several times and won numerous AMAs.

2. Their clients
ALIC’s clients are 80-85% investors, and that’s the way they like it, according to managing director Back “we ask for that commitment, but we’re not chasing the entire market…we’re very specific about the type of clients we’re involved with.” They look for a long term relationship with their clients, and ask clients to sign a document committing to that relationship.

Mortgage Choice Glenelg have a wide range of clients from Adelaide and beyond, including first home buyers, investors, upgraders and refinancers. They also offer financial planning and equipment finance, and aim to remain visible in their community through sponsorships, adverts and branded vehicles.

3. Their processes
ALIC have recently introduced a client relationship roadmap, which according to Back “outlines when certain things need to happen and who’s responsible for them and what action are required at every stage of the loan.”

Mortgage Choice Glenelg’s staff are salaried, meaning they are interchangeable in the event a customer needs help and the broker is unavailable. They also have a single person who deals with all incoming leads and assigns brokers accordingly.

4. Their strategy
ALIC are looking at adopting a one-to-many processing model, so any staff can grab a file and help any client. They’re also looking to hire more women and younger staff members and are developing an educational academy at the brokerage to “build the next generation”, as Back puts it.

Mortgage Choice Glenelg are continuing to build their financial planning arm. “I can’t believe how easy it is to get people to see Malcolm, who’s our financial advisor”, says Higgins “it’ll make the broking business a lot better by making those clients stickier.”

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