BDMs on what makes a great broker

As the New Year approaches, we look back on what our BDMs in the spotlight said distinguishes the best brokers they deal with.

"The best brokers are those who are passionate about their business, their team and their clients. I am always amazed at how well they adapt to the changing environment around them as well as have solid processes in place to consistently deliver excellent customer service." 
Louise Finlay, Allianz  

"You can’t underestimate their ability to adapt to change and readjust their business to suit the ever-changing demands of the industry. Doing the basics well, such as customer service, business development and sales are critical to being a top broker."
Kevin Skafte, ANZ

"The best brokers are the ones who have the best intentions for their customer when providing advice. I also think the way a broker runs their business is very important."
Andrew Downie, MyState

"The best brokers are proactive, always on the front foot ensuring they are the ones keeping the client informed. Experience is important and like everything practice makes perfect." 
Cameron Spiccia, Commonwealth Bank 

"They have good structure and surround themselves with good people. They are also always looking for the next opportunity to learn and to grow their business. This is where being a true partner in their business can benefit us both."
Heather Gallagher, BOQ 

"Checking the details and structure before submitting, this avoids any rework and gives the broker time to make changes or get more documents from the customer." 
Shannon Gibbons, Westpac 

"I think what distinguishes some of the best brokers and sets them apart are the ones who are mindful of their client’s needs and  have the ability to look outside the normal parameters of lending and embrace specialists lending and continue to nurture and maintain their relationship with their client."
Lorainne MacdonaldLiberty 

"The best brokers are the ones that work with you as you try to make their scenario work. They also have a genuine heart for their role, seeing themselves as providers of solutions and not just salesmen. Lastly, honesty and dedication to a job well done is a mark of a truly great broker in my eyes."
Andrew Costello, Better Mortgage Management