Agile trends, talk and catch-phrases

Agile is about responding and adapting so it makes sense that those who have an agile mindset might also be keen on making changes and adaptations to the practices and methods of agile itself!

Like any field of expertise there are always discussions and debates about which is the best approach, when.  There’s certainly plenty of debate at agile conferences and in online discussions groups! But this diversity is healthy for a field of interest or endeavour; it’s the thing that helps it grow and progress. Medicine would be nothing without this kind of debate and progression, neither would aviation, design, engineering or zoology for that matter!

Start with your mindset, your way of thinking… and go from there. There are said to be more than 70 different practices under the bigger Agile umbrella and that umbrella has probably gathered a few other sorts who want to connect, grow or prosper alongside agile!

When a colleague, Craig Smith was presenting on 40 of these agile methods at a conference a while ago, I wrote them all down. It’s not just a list but a whole page. 

If you’re wondering what Large Scale Scrum, Beyond Budgeting, Mob Programming or TDD is … press your Google button to learn more! You’ll find whole communities devoted to many of these methods so you can go as deep as you like to learn more. 

I can’t not mention Scrum. It’s an ‘agile framework for completing complex projects’, so says the Scrum Alliance. Yes it may have a metaphorical connection to the rugby scrum but it’s also made up of some wonderfully clear and simple rituals or techniques that many people start trying to get a taste of what agile could be like.  Scrum might have started in software development  but it’s adopted in many different fields and businesses now. See more at

And Scrum Founder, Dr Jeff Sutherland’s book ‘Scrum: The Art of doing twice the work in half the time’ is a wonderful read!

Another favourite is Jurgen Appelo’s ‘Management 3.0’. The old ways of management are gone; we’re now in a world where businesses and teams can work in ways that deliver more, better… and the people in those teams are way happier than ever. 

Remember agile is about how you think, and it’s about delivering value to customers more efficiently.

Agile is more than a cliché, more than just a phrase of ‘we need to be more agile’. In fact we all need to adapt and respond like never before; some of these agile methods might just help you and your clients do that.
Lynne Cazaly is an international keynote speaker, author and facilitator.
She is the author of five books including:
•    Agile-ish: How to build a culture of agility
•    Leader as Facilitator: How to engage, inspire and get work done
•    Making Sense: A Handbook for the Future of Work 
She works with executives, senior leaders and project teams on their major change and transformation projects. Lynne is an experienced board director and chair and on the Faculty of Thought Leaders Business School. More info at

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