6 things every broker should do before 7am

Director of Hunter Galloway, Nathan Vecchio, started broking in 2015 and using the techniques from Joshua's Top Broker Handbook, is writing big numbers, leading to Vow Financial naming him Broker Partner of the Year Rising Star in 2016.

We mortgage brokers are an interesting breed of people, we like doing things our way and we are goal orientated which means we need to form good habits to help us achieve our goals, keep on track and motivated.

I believe one of the most important habits for a broker today is their morning routine. Starting the day on the right track allows you to get motivated, focused and productive for the rest of the day.

As we’ve covered before, once you hit the office the day can quite easily get away from you so to make sure you start your day right. Here are six things that every mortgage broker needs to do before 7 a.m.

Join the 5am club
We call it the 5am club, but you might just call it an early riser. Waking up at 5am allows you to gather your thoughts, exercise and plan for the day ahead. While initially, those early starts might be hard, having this extra time in your day really does make a different. It prevents you from rushing out the door, feeling frazzled and unfocused. I believe when you start the day composed, with a plan, feeling in control, you will achieve more each and every day.

Top Broker tip: Write out a morning routine and follow it for at least two weeks, see the change it makes to your working day.

Avoid your phone
We’re all guilty of this one and it may sound crazy, but there a couple of perfectly valid reasons for not reaching for your phone first thing in the morning.

Waking up and diving into your inbox or social media can distract you from your personal priorities and also prevent you from getting into any early morning routines. It can also get you away from the important stuff like setting goals for the day.

Top Broker tip: Set aside time in the morning to be screen free and consider waiting until you’re in the office to check your inbox, and then your social media over lunch.

Exercise or meditate
We’ve all heard this hundreds of times, but regular exercise or medication is shown to reduce stress, make you happier, give you more energy, help you sleep better, boost your immune system and prevents future health disease. So it only makes sense to include exercise and medication in your daily routine, especially with the long-term positive effects!

Top Broker tip: Meditation apps like Headspace and Smiling Mind will help you get into a meditation routine. You can also download exercise apps if you don’t want to join a gym or group fitness.

Eat a healthy breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, this food is the fuel that will get your body and brain going for the day.

Try to incorporate foods like:
  • Healthy carbohydrates like oatmeal or rye toast
  • Low-fat protein like eggs, nuts, greens, and beans
  • Fruits and veggies
  • Dairy alternatives like soy, almond, or rice milk
Top Broker tip: I usually alternate between two or three breakfast options to make it easier, then if I’m running late I’ll bring it with me.

Lift your spirits
Have you ever had a morning where you didn’t want to roll out of bed? You might have had a major set back or it’s just too cold outside to get up… Although it’s not the end of the world, it’s enough to kill your motivation for the week.

Have something to look forward to, to help you get motivated each morning. Whether that’s reading or listening to podcasts of other successful brokers, going through inspirational quotes or writing down your thoughts in a journal or blog. Take some time each and every morning to get your mindset right for the day ahead.

Top Broker tip: I get motivated by writing down what I am grateful for each day, and then listen to some of my favourite songs on the way to work. This helps me get into a positive mindset and set myself up for success.

Set your goals and priorities
At the start of every week, set goals for what you want to achieve and write them down. Then break down these goals and priorities into daily actions. You’ll find that incidentally, you’ll begin to think about exactly how you’re going to accomplish these goals while you exercise, have a shower or just whenever you’ve got quiet some time to yourself. 

Top Broker tip: Keep your goals on a to-do list and start with the hardest tasks first.

As I often say, it’s all about your routine and giving yourself control over your time. With these six tips, you’ll notice more clarity and a difference in your overall attitude towards your day. Because we’re always dealing with people, these little changes can make a huge difference.

PS: I’m going to be taking over here at Top Broker for a little bit while Joshua focuses on a few big and exciting projects we are looking forward to bring you in the next few weeks. A quick background, I started broking in 2015 and using the techniques Joshua has given in the Top Broker Handbook I have grown my business in a very short time to writing some big numbers, and was fortunate enough to be awarded Broker Partner of the Year Rising Star in 2016.

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