Top tips from a Top 100: Deslie Taylor

Top 100 broker Deslie Taylor of Mortgage Choice offers her tips on fast turnaround times and keeping clients up-to-date

Years in the industry: 10 in own Business with Mortgage Choice and 12 years prior with Bank
Company: Mortgage Choice
Location: Ormeau

What's your top tip for getting a faster turnaround time for a bank?
I ask every client for as much information as possible, I have a generic list that will request the most amount of information that any lender could request, I find that if 1 lender doesn't want the information another lender will therefore it is easier to request the same information from all clients. Once I have all the clients information we package the deal. We do not submit anything to a lender with out all the information the lender requires, if the client is missing 1 month credit card we simply do not submit until the file is complete, we always check over all accounts ie everyday accounts, credit cards for any undisclosed debts that the client may have missed and the lender will be sure to pick up, we also review the deal with a credit hat on and make sure ALL notes on the file answer any questions that may be asked before submitting ie : ytd income lower than what is should be for the year, no savings when clients are on higher levels of income etc.
What's your top tip for keeping clients updated?
We have a customer service promise to update our clients on their loan progress every 2 working days, this is via phone and then move to text or email with an update if we can't reach them via phone, this keeps their mind at ease and makes them feel they are our only client. We call them before they get a chance to call us.

What's your top tip for strong referral relationships?
Customer communication, if it is real estate agent, we keep them constantly updated with the deal progress and we are honest with any problems we are hitting if any. If it is a accountant or financial planner or even our clients referring friend, we simply have the same service for each client no matter how big the business or how small the needs, everyone knows that we will offer the same service to each client which is refreshing for our referrers as they know that we will not let their reputation down with poor service.

What's your top tip for maximizing online presence?
Just keep present, we are on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, we like to have fun as well as maintain a professional approach, we love our clients testimonials on google and facebook, we also love the ongoing referrals we get with our clients recommending us on group forums, staying present and top of mind with funny hits and professional insights is a great way to continue to stay top of mind

What's your top tip for networking events?
We enjoy to maintain a local presence, we participate in 2 x networking events monthly, 1 for women in business locally and the other is for all local business's, you are able to maintain a strong local presence in the community, I do it for this reason only not for lead generation, I am all about keeping top of mind and the lead with come.

What's your tip for when you’re feeling overwhelmed?
Exercise, Every 2 hours I will leave my office and spend 10 minutes walking around the shopping complex my office is located in, it enables me to clear my head and refocus, I also exercise daily prior to starting my day, this also enables me to keep a clear mind throughout the day. I never multitask, this is not something I feels works for me, I find I become overwhelmed and unproductive, I simply focus on 1 task, finish it and move onto the next task, this way I can give the task at hand my 100% attention, compared to trying to give 100% to 100 things, this simple doesn't work for me.

What's your top time saving tip and how much time does it save you?
Ensure your day and scheduled, I am very task driven therefore find by returning all calls in a set time period or reply to emails in another set time period and then putting deals together in another set time period works for me, I feel as though I get through 1 and a half days work in 1 day with this method, I don't take calls or respond to emails if I am working on a deal, I wait until the deal is finished and then return the call or email etc. This way I am never sidetracked from my task at hand. I also write all task for the day down in my diary, as I complete each task I then cross it off my list, I then have a focal point and can see what needs to be completed in the day.

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