Top Broker podcast with Lloyd Thomas

In the seventh of a series of fortnightly podcasts from Top Broker, Lloyd Thomas talks about how to create a bulletproof referral and solution based business with Top Broker's host, Joshua Vecchio.

Lloyd Thomas is the director of business and product development at Direct Property Network based in New South Wales and has been broking for over 19 years. He’s consistently settling over $100m.

Create a bulletproof referral based business and tactics that still dominant in brokering today
In this episode we look at how to create an attraction business and discuss the strategies to create a referral-based business. By the need of this episode you’re going to feel rejuvenated knowing relationship broking still dominants.

The main takeaway points from this episode are:

  1. Build long term relationships, focus on what’s right for the client both now and in the future, putting your needs last.
  2. Spend time training your clients on how to refer.
  3. Categorise your clients and spend time with the top 20% who refer you the most business.

How to differentiate yourself as a broker and building a solution based business 
In this episode we look at how to create a solid business, which is built on solutions. We discuss the different ways to differentiate yourself from the competition. By the end you’re going to feel charged, buzzing to get out and implement everything you’ve learnt.

The main takeaway points from this episode are:

  1. Don’t start with rate, start with understanding, with this you’ll focus more on the solution rather than the commodity
  2. Know your craft, become a master and spend time every day learning and becoming better.
  3. Use transportation as a networking vehicle rather than something to go from point A to point B. Make time to call your business partners and referral partners to build strategic relationships with them.

This is the seventh in a series of fortnightly podcasts from Top Broker. Top Broker's vision is to rally mortgage brokers from across Australia, to share the industry's best practice to help brokers maximise client value, reduce their working hours and increase their overall settlements and profitability. Check out more on: 

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