Meet Aussie's new GM Distribution

Aussie's new GM Distribution, Brad Cramb, on his new role and personal goal to make Aussie ‘the best mortgage broker business on the planet’

MPA: What are you most looking forward to delivering as Aussie’s new GM Distribution?
Brad Cramb:
Aussie is a hugely successful business and I’m lucky that a really solid foundation has already been laid for me. I’m most looking forward to leading distribution growth, with my focus firmly on making Aussie the brand of choice not only for the customer but also, equally importantly, for the broker.
Aussie’s vision is to be ‘the best home loan provider on the planet’. My personal goal is to make it ‘the best mortgage broker business on the planet’.

By that, I mean that if you want to become a mortgage broker or grow a career in broking, then Aussie should be the number one choice each and every time. We have such a strong proposition. We offer industry-leading training and support. We have the number one mortgage broking brand in the country. And from what I’ve seen in my first few weeks we have the drive and determination of a family-run start up but with the backing of Australia’s largest bank. It’s such a wonderful recipe for success for small business owners.

MPA: How does your prior experience with franchise businesses help you in this new role?
BC: Network relationships are key to success. When it comes to building the best brokerage we need to do it with mutual benefit. Focusing on mutual benefit and building a business around the customer is the way to do it. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, those key elements are transferable.

MPA: How do you plan to accelerate Aussie’s distribution growth?
Distribution growth is a key pillar of Aussie’s 2020 strategy, and it’s important to maintain a balanced business model – for Aussie and for our brokers. Key to this are new customers, having a loyalty focus and referral business. By balancing these elements we can achieve our growth targets sustainably. Leveraging the strength of Aussie’s unique business model, with its rich mix of mobile brokers and franchise stores, is also absolutely critical.

Aussie has a reputation of leading the way and I want to do my bit to continue this heritage. I’m fortunate to be taking the distribution baton after the successful people that have come before, namely James Symond and Vaughan Fowler. It’s my job to take that baton and leave the business in a better place than I found it. If we all add our little bit it adds up to so much more.

MPA: What are the biggest issues facing brokers right now in your opinion?
Compliance, regulation and the need for ongoing training around these areas is critical. It’s becoming harder and harder for an individual to keep up with the changes, and customer demand for transparency is higher than it’s ever been, so we need to provide outstanding service in an ever changing environment. It’s difficult for brokers who are trying to run small businesses while dealing with these substantial and ongoing changes, and that’s why having a comprehensive support model is so important. It’s my understanding that Aussie is best in class in that space, so our brokers are well positioned to tackle these challenges and turn them into opportunities.

MPA: What are three things you would like brokers to know about you?  
I have worked in retail selling cars and writing loans for cars for a number of years, which is a very similar sales process. I have run a state operation for the biggest car distributer in Australia. I lived and worked in Japan for four years, and enjoy sushi. Especially on the ferry on the way home from work.

MPA: What do you like most about Aussie’s brand?
It’s an iconic Australian brand with a reputation for leading the way in mortgage broking. Beneath the brand, Aussie’s values; safe, smart and special, are aligned around the customer, which I love.