Building financial confidence

Choice Home Loans recently joined forces with Mamamia Women’s Network to host a women in finance event covering a range of money matters.

The event was held at Melbourne’s Olsen Hotel and was presented by media personality and Mamamia TV presenter Shelly Horton. Horton was joined by a panel of speakers, including social researcher Rebecca Huntley, media personality Andrew Daddo and Choice Home Loans broker Peita Davies.

Speaking at the event, Huntley explained that while women were continuing to grow in confidence where financial matters were concerned, they tended to shy away from larger transactions such as home loans.

“Research confirms women are increasingly becoming more self-confident about money and typically they are terrific managers of a household’s day-to-day budget. But the bigger-ticket items sometimes still pose a degree of confusion and anxiety for them,” Huntley said.

Choice Home Loans chief executive Stephen Moore said the event was designed to provide an intimate forum for discussion, in which female guests could ask questions about housing finance, as well as gain a better understanding of how mortgage brokers could help them make more informed decisions.

“Buying a home can be one of the best ways to build wealth and work towards financial freedom. It’s important women feel confident and equipped to make educated decisions around home loans every step of the way,” Moore said.

Moore said brokers played an important role in helping to build financial confidence.

“Part of this engagement process is reinforcing the role a quality broker can play and the value they can bring when it comes to securing and managing a home loan. Brokers are in a unique position to take away any confusion and anxiety around the process,” he said.

From Australian Broker issue 12.19, by Julia Corderoy. 

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