BDM in the spotlight: Matthew Parsons

Homeloans BDM for SA/NT, Matthew Parsons was a part-time bar person while completing his Bachelor of Commerce.

BDM in the spotlight asks a different BDM the same seven questions – giving you a weekly insight into the lives of some of the top BDM’s in the country.

How often do you see brokers in a week?
It varies. Where I can, I like to personally deliver loan contracts to my brokers, giving me another reason to get in front of them. Conversely my approach with NT brokers is different as I’m only up north only 4-5 times a year.  

What do brokers want most from you?
A solution. Our suite of products at Homeloans Ltd can just about cater for most scenarios that are pitched at me. 

What is your favourite part of the job?
We are a small team here in Adelaide (2 BDM’s, 1 Sales Support and 2 Credit Managers) and we all get on very well, so I enjoy coming to work in what is a great environment.  

What distinguishes the best brokers you deal with?
Those brokers who come to me with a holistic solution and submit both prime and specialist opportunities with Homeloans Ltd. 

Describe your ideal weekend?
My footy team wins Friday night, a sleep-in Saturday morning to then spend the day with my wife and son. A lazy Sunday would see us go out to lunch somewhere with family or friends, finished with a walk on the best beach in Adelaide - Port Noarlunga/Southport on sunset.  

What’s the strangest lending scenario you’ve ever encountered?
I love it when a broker phones and begins the conversation with ‘Look I know what you’re going to say, but I thought I would just run this past you anyway…’ and how surprised they are when I say ‘I can help!’ 

How do you like your steak done?

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