A day in the life of… James Veigli

6:00am: I hear an alarm go off, but it’s not mine! My partner Clare is a personal trainer so she’s up early most mornings. As for me, it’s back to sleep unless I have an early meeting.

8:00am: Wake up. Relax in bed and read the news: business, sport and the top stories. I’ll also take a look at emails and my calendar for the day.

8:30am: Have breakfast – a crucial decision awaits, do I have toast or eggs today?

9:00am: Sit down in the office ready for a day’s work. I choose to work from home. Some people can’t handle it, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

9:05am: Reply to emails and see what’s on my task list for the day.

9:15am: Preparation and behind the scenes work for private clients (some of the country’s top brokers). This could involve copywriting, sales scripts, optimising web strategy, cross-sell strategy and anything in between.

10:00am: Phone meeting with a private client – we discuss implementing the next marketing campaign and results from the previous. We might mastermind overall business strategy and I’ll find solutions to their major roadblocks.

10:30am: Phone meeting with a business partner – we talk about how to work together and add value to brokers in a bigger and better way.

11:00am: Phone meeting with an aggregator group – discuss ways I can add value by presenting at their upcoming PD events around the country.

11:30am: Phone meeting with private client – we work on developing and implementing a ‘shoe-string budget’ lead generation campaign. My motivational hat goes on to dish out motivation to help focus on what needs to be done to reach goals.

12:00pm: Clare is finished personal training for the day, so we go through a list of things she will do for me that day: follow-up phone calls, emails and general management of our broker database and membership program.

12:15pm: Membership content creation – writing newsletter articles, deconstructing marketing examples, preparing expert interviews and developing webinar content for our monthly gold, platinum and diamond members.

2:00pm: Lunch. Clare and I are ‘foodies’, so will often cook up a hot lunch.

3:00pm: Marketing strategy time – I work on my next promotion to the broker market. An exclusive offer for MPA Top 100 brokers, re-release of my Fee-For-Value Blueprint training program, or just putting together a free webinar, video training or article for my email subscribers.

5:00pm: Check emails and respond to any private client enquiries. I don’t answer the phone and almost never give out my private mobile number – I do everything by appointment and that’s how I can get so much done. A strategy all brokers should adopt.

5:30pm: Close off work for the day and prepare my task list and calendar for the next day.

6:00pm: Walk the dog – until now he’s been sleeping, trying to get my attention, or barking when someone comes to our door.

6:30pm: Get ready and hit the gym. We do CrossFit (a type of group fitness) a few days a week and I love it. I also play competition tennis twice a week.

8:30pm: Dinner time.

10:30pm: Clare goes to bed as she’s up early. I relax and watch some TV, a movie, or turn the light on and read some marketing material to keep me sharp.

11:30pm: Should get to bed, but might not be until midnight!

James Veigli is the founder of Broker Profits Vault.