A day in the life of... Robynne Jemmott

6.30am: I awake to my one and only four-year-old son Jamison ready and waiting for his morning milk and a cuddle, which always puts a spring in my step.

6.40am: As I jump in the shower I hear my husband in the background saying “Come on, mate. Eat your breakfast”, and I know that by starting work early I often get the better end of the deal.

7.15am: Grab my lunch (pre-packed the night before) and head out the door. Being a household of two working professionals means our family routine is finely tuned to ensure everything runs like clockwork (most of the time, anyway!).

7.30am: I arrive at work and power through emails, read up on overnight news, review priority lists, and prepare for the day’s meetings. As a morning person, I find this my most productive time of day.

8.00am: The peace and quiet is over! Steven Degetto, our Victorian state manager, arrives to share a success story with me about one of our elite brokers and how happy he was with the postsettlement
service our branch channel provided to his customer, which is great to hear.

8.30am: Meeting with our marketing team to complete a full review of our sales collateral and existing broker communications. We discuss some exciting new ideas for increasing consideration
with brokers who haven’t used us lately, to encourage them to ‘try us out’.

9.45am: I review the daily operations update and call executive manager Stuart Neilson to congratulate him on the team’s outstanding turnaround times. Our broker call centre average call wait time was down to 12 seconds in busy times yesterday – a stellar result. Great to see the hard work we’ve done on our broker proposition and service levels putting us ahead of the pack.

10.00am: Meet with a key aggregator partner for our quarterly update to review market share position, understand areas of opportunity, and keep abreast of their current initiatives and challenges.

12.00pm: Off to gym for a lunchtime jog. This ‘me’ time helps me clear my head and prioritise what needs to get done by the close of play today.

1.00pm: I grab that salad from the fridge and use the time to catch up on emails and return phone
calls that I’ve missed while working up a sweat.

1.30pm: Our head of strategy, Sean Doolan, and I get together to work on one of our key strategic projects – an advanced CRM system to help us drive stronger relationships with our brokers and be more effective in our sales processes.

3.30pm: Time for our weekly national sales call, led by GM Steven Heavey. Gain some really good ‘on the ground intel’ and discuss survey results from our recent national roadshows. Pleased to hear that, of the 1,200 brokers that attended, three in four rated the event as good to excellent value – and 94% are keen to see a similar event held annually.

4.15pm: Take another quick look at emails that have come in, and decide which can wait for later.

4.30pm: Run out the door and head to daycare, where my son gives me more amazing cuddles and deftly negotiates a stop-off at the playground – already picking up business skills from mum and dad!

5.30pm: Home to cook dinner, pack lunches and negotiate bathtime before my husband comes home. After dinner is family time, which tonight features a jigsaw puzzle and blocks.

8.30pm: Jamison is finally in bed, so it’s time for a cup of tea while we watch the news and get an
opportunity to catch up on those emails…