A day in the life of... Natasha Kelso

5.55am: Alarm goes off. It is on the opposite side of the bed, so my husband David turns it off and elbows me to make sure I get up.

6.05am: After splashing my face with water, and getting changed into my gym gear, I’m off to the gym.

7.30am: Laptop on. Breakfast at the dining table while I am reading the last news stories.

8.00am: Catch up with broker support colleague and understand where we are placed for the week
ahead. We had a big week last week; want to make sure everything is on track. Good news – everything up to date.

8.45am: Catch up with Jose, head of mobile banking and broker. Discuss week ahead numbers, strategies for the next PD day – I want to do something different. Really pleased with NSW/Vic numbers last week.

9.30am: Hit the road. Catch up with state manager from one of our panels. Run my PD day idea by them. They love it. Ask them for more business while I am there – need to pay for the PD day. Talk about Rate Breaker Package, our innovative product that recently won us a Best Innovator award. Want to make sure the brokers are all over that.

11.30am: Back to the office. Meet with the product team and discuss some policy and process enhancements for our next phase.

1.00pm: Quick bite with David. Sort out the afternoon with what he needs to do around home, as I will be home late.

2.00pm: Teleconference with one of our major partners and our IT department to progress our new lodgement platform.

3.00pm: Proofread our next newsletter with the marketing department.

3.45pm: Fresh coffee, and I lock myself in an office to catch up on some emails.

4.30pm: Call to my daughter, Nekisha, to make sure she got home and that she is on to her homework. David has the afternoon under control, Nekisha is sorted, and I have an hour left in the office to return some more calls.

5.00pm: Ring two of our bigger brokers and thank them for their feedback. Great news – they are very positive about our new structure and process. I ask them to share the news, and shoot a note off to the BDMs and broker support team to share the feedback.

5.30pm: Pack my bag with some reading to do tonight (or it might have to wait till the morning).

6.35pm: Get home. Check in on the family. David has done a good job – dinner is underway, Nekisha has her homework done, and pets are fed. We pick up our conversation about our next camping trip and start some more planning.

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