A day in the life of ... Tracy Smith


6.00am: the alarm goes off. Don't hit the snooze button, and up now reading the breakin gnews on my iPad. Quick Blackberry checks and I respond to emails sent from my colleagues over on the east coast who are well and truly into their day. Numbers are in – another great week! 
6.30am: I prefer the few extra minutes of sleep. I don't eat breakfast, quickly jump in the shower…  I’m dressed… more emails over a good cup of coffee. 
7.30am:Driving on the way to work. Touch base with our team assistant in Melbourne – make sure I’m hands free! Grab a take-away coffee on my way in to the office. 
8.15am:Arrive at the office and check my calendar and mail. Mondays mean the WA team are alltogether in the office. 
8.30am: First meeting of the day: our Australian Financial Services One Team meeting – all the state leaders from Westpac’s key WA business units –retail, broker, commercial, premium, private, wealth and insurance. 
9.30am: Checking in on the BDM team who are into their emails and calls. Reminds me to do the same – I have brokers to congratulate on new settlements and I’ll catch up on some new entrants to see how they’re tracking since their accreditation. 
10.30am: Weekly Westpac Way team meeting, BDMs prepared to discuss results from last week, this week, some best practice ideas in WA and some new marketing ideas. 
12.00pm:Teleconference meeting with Westpac’s national mortgage broker leadership team – a full rundown of results and figures, speak about new initiatives for brokers and the BDMs, and provide detailed planning on our state based broker road shows – WA first cab of the rank! Look at local area marketing activities and ideas for new campaigns.   
1.00pm: Skype with national manager of strategic partnerships (Paul Bakker) for a market update on aggregators both nationally and in WA. 
1:30pm: Skype with national manager of strategy and marketing (Neville Anitelea) for quick rundown on WA team marketing plans for next six months, evolution strategy of WA broker squads, new Net Promoter Score research and the rollout of many 'FY13 Quarter 2' events for team. 
2.00pm: Grab some lunch before WA broker squad meeting with Westpac Retail practice manager (Sandra Nesci) – discussing next phase. 
3.00pm:Make more broker calls, hoped to complete 10 – nearly there, got eight done. 
4.00pm: Hold BDM one-on-ones. 
6.00pm: More emails to return, and return more calls. 
7.30pm: Head to mum’s for dinner (I avoid cooking at all costs) and get a kiss and cuddle from my 20-month-old nephew whose big smile can turn any challenging day into the brightest. Respond to emails on my Blackberry that have just come in – careful that my family don't see me. They think I'm glued to it! 
9.30pm: Home at last. I will say a very productive day, though not at its end yet as more emails have come in… I’ll attend to these while watching TV. 
12.00am: Get to bed; watch more TV, thinking about tomorrow and the week ahead. I check the latest news on my iPad. Last look at the clock – 2.00am! The alarm is set to go off in four hours!