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VIC, $400K, Owner occupied, Purchase, Full-doc, 90% LVR

Posted on 31/03/2014 1:55:01 PM

Husband and wife applicants. Wife is permanent fulltime nurse for >2yrs but husband is only permanent casual for 4mths (12mths in same industry). Non-Genuine savings. Purchase first home. Clear CRAA.

Is there any lender can consider this application & at what indicative interest rate?


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  • Gary Willmott2/04/2014 4:45:25 PM

    Hi, as a suggestion.I'd ask if they are renting through an agent. Yes, then get letter/printout from agent a sper CBA policy. Now we have genuine basis for savings and can go up to 97% (Inc MI cap) so pressure is off this way for deposit/completion funds. CBA policy says it can do 3 months casual employment, usual 2 payslips showing YTD of 3 months, or other ways. You will end up with lower lvr than max CBA gives I agree but this way it will work overall. I'm from Qld, but don't forget Grant if you can work it in to system. Look at site for rate. Hope this helps, and Good Luck.

  • Erin Miller2/04/2014 2:14:55 PM

    There are a few options I can help with. Please get in touch with State Custodians 13726 and mention this response. Rates are very much dependent on how much are you looking to borrow but I expect around 5%.

  • Umesh Munjal2/04/2014 2:04:07 PM

    If they are looking @90% non Genuine Savings including LMI you could look at Bankwest, Homeside, Looking at Interest Rate of 4.88% with Bankwest for first Years, 5.00% with Homeside if LMI Capitalised & goes over 90% then Interest Rate is 5.31% Please check the details on the website.


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