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QLD, $220K, Owner occupied, Purchase, Full-doc, 90% LVR

Posted on 21/02/2014 3:30:40 PM

Purchase of rural resi P/Code 4615 Unsealed road, Power. Tank Water
• LVR 90% + LMI (If not Lmi then Risk Fee)
• Applicants are aged 65 & 63
• Income is Dept Vet Affairs Pensions only.
• No other superannuation or investments.- (exit strategy)
• To pay down loan within 10-12 years
• Weak asset position.

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State Requested Amount Product Type Loan Type Documents LVR Posted
NSW $675K Owner occupied Refinance Full-doc 76% 6/02/2014
Details Description: -Current loan of $555,000 with ANZ. -Current property recently valued at $890,000 with ANZ valuer. Owner occupied house. -Client seeking to build a detached granny flat increasin ...
NSW $2M Commercial Purchase Full-doc 80% 23/01/2014
Details Description: My name is Kris Menon. Havent done a commercial construction loan as of yet. 3 friends together with property paid off and equity want to buy a land around the 600k and develop 5 ...
WA $542K Investment Purchase Full-doc 95% 22/01/2014
Details Description: Have a client who wishes to purchase a property for $570,000 as an investment, so I/O repayments are required. Is an employee of the company he works at but is paid on a commission ...