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NSW, $2M, Commercial, Purchase, Full-doc, 80% LVR

Posted on 23/01/2014 8:56:00 AM

My name is Kris Menon. Havent done a commercial construction loan as of yet. 3 friends together with property paid off and equity want to buy a land around the 600k and develop 5 townhouses and sell.Project cost around the 2.1million
How do i go ahead,
Questions are too many
Do they take it as joint title or do they form a company and take it.
what is the max LVR can be achieved.
Which Bank would be ideally suitable
What is the interest rate.
Is it like a constuction loan with commebncement payments
What would be the Finance rate.
All help and Guidance needed

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  • Steve Rasmussen31/01/2014 6:55:50 PM

    Hi Kris,
    Happy to help with guidance or can actually help write/place the deal if you wish to consider that option.
    Call me on 0412 295 875 or email stephen@tailoredlending.com.au

  • Paul Pattison31/01/2014 4:12:56 PM

    Hi We can help with commercial Finance please contact Paul Sales Manager International Commercial Finance PH 0428848459


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