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QLD, $300K, Investment, Purchase, Full-doc, 80% LVR

Posted on 17/12/2013 10:48:53 AM

Client wishes to purchase a dual key services apartment at the mantra abbot st cairns. The apartment cannot be removed from the letting pool

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State Requested Amount Product Type Loan Type Documents LVR Posted
VIC $360K Owner occupied Purchase Full-doc 80% 10/12/2013
Details Description: Split contract construction (common walls). Need construction finance. Land component already funded through Homeside.
VIC $416K Owner occupied Purchase Low-doc 80% 9/12/2013
Details Description: Husband and wife applicants, self-employed in 1) Courier Business since Jul 2012, AND 2)Beauty business since Oct 12. Only business banking statements can be provided at this stage ...
VIC $195K Owner occupied Purchase Full-doc 95% 29/11/2013
Details Description: -Discharged bankrupt (discharged more than 3 years) -Full time PayG income, same employer for 8 years -strong serviceability -12 months reliable rental history available throug ...