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NSW, $940K, Investment, Purchase, Low-doc, 80% LVR

Posted on 15/11/2013 3:36:01 PM

Purchase. Outer Western Sydney. 5ac property. Lease over about 2.5acs for 3years ++ to trucking maintenance company - $2,100 per month rental income and residence at other end leased at $1,000 per month. Need 80%, some financials available. Deposit paid @ 20%. on sale of $1,175,000.

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  • Paul Pattison20/01/2014 9:24:33 PM

    Hi we can Help if you Have not place the deal Yet??
    paulpattison71@gmail.com PH 0428848459

  • Julie Adams4/12/2013 2:45:35 PM

    Homeloans can look at 80% LVR Lo Doc using accountants declaration only. We can also look at 80% Lo Docs using BAS starting at 5.39%
    In certain cases we can go up to 90% on a Lo Doc
    Security property needs to be zoned residential
    Thank you

  • Dan Cuthbert18/11/2013 2:37:17 PM

    Try ANZ Business Banking. They will extend higher LVR's than other lenders (up to 80% on commercial and 100% on resi) depending on applicant and assuming they are self employed . They will also use BAS for nincoem verifacation in some cases. Part of the deal would be priced as commercial. Thanks


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