MPA issue 17.07

Top 10 Independent Brokerages
Emerging from a tough year in broking, these 10 brokerages are supporting top brokers with new approaches to processing, marketing and management. Read on to find out their strategies, innovations and the tough decisions they had to make that helped them become Australia’s best

Brett Halliwell 
Advantedge’s general manager has long predicted a breakthrough for white label, but a rapidly changing market presents new challenges, he tells MPA editor Sam Richardson

Broker fintech
With remuneration in the balance, cost control has become a big issue for brokers. MPA talks to several technology providers who can help you save time and money where it counts

SMSF lending
Labor is intent on banning borrowing by SMSFs, but will this happen and what could it mean for brokers? Maya Breen talks to three non-banks to find out more

No easy climb
As the first rung on the property ladder seems to hover ever higher for first home buyers, MPA and ANZ team up to explore recent changes on that bumpy road to home ownership

Arthurmac & Co
Two-time winner of the AMA for Pepper Broker of the Year – Non-conforming, Arthurmac and Co’s managing director, Stuart Styles, has mastered the niche brokerage

Team meetings
Business strategist Matt Malouf explains how getting the rhythm and subject of your meetings right can turn tedious encounters into business turning points